Hi, I'm Sheila

I am a full-stack developer.

About Me

Tools HTML5 CSS JavaScript React jQuery Node.js PostgreSQL firebase AWS_S3 Photoshop Illustrator InDesign

Fervent Learner | Challenge Accepter

I carry with me an analytical mindset, a background in higher education and design, and a drive for personal growth and application of skills.

I love coding and web development because I enjoy multi-dimensional thinking and problem solving. I also enjoy thinking about processes.

I am looking forward to working with an amazing team of developers where I can contribute and learn from others.

In my free time, you may find me exploring, creating, discovering, or building - no medium is out of bounds.

Tools HTML5 CSS JavaScript React jQuery Node.js PostgreSQL firebase AWS_S3 Photoshop Illustrator InDesign
Tools HTML5 CSS JavaScript React jQuery Node.js PostgreSQL firebase AWS_S3 Photoshop Illustrator InDesign



Twisted Home Twisted Favorites Pattern Detail Add Pattern

Twisted is a web application designed to enable knitters and crocheters to save and explore patterns. I am a knitter and crocheter myself and two of my favorite sites for browsing patterns are Ravelry and Pinterest. I wanted to build an app that combined some of the features of these two into a single web application. The goal was for the project to be highly visual and provide an easy way to add patterns for others to browse. I felt it was also important for users to be able to view the patterns they'd contributed and to mark patterns that were favorites to return to. In user interviews, the favorite count was also important.

There are many ways that I'd like to explore and expand this project and this is one of the reasons I went with a NoSQL database. I wanted to be able to easily and fluidly add fields and make changes with out being locked in to rigid schema. It was also a great opportunity to learn something new with a clear goal in mind. In this project the big learning leaps involved how to use Firebase Realtime Database, Firebase Storage, Firebase Authentication, and Firebase Hosting. I feel like learning how to work with data in the NoSQL world improved my backend literacy and opened some additional options for future projects. Some of my planning documents may be found here.

Stack: React & Firebase
(Create-React-App, React Router, Firebase Realtime Database, Firebase Authorization, Firebase Storage, Firebase Hosting)

Studio Keeper

Studio Keeper Catalog Studio Keeper Contacts Studio Keeper Add Studio Keeper Gallery

Studio Keeper is a web application designed to help artists, makers, and designers manage the business side of their creative work. The application allows users to easily catalog their work, enter contacts, and keep track of events of interest. The application also provides a gallery view, which allows users to easily share their work. The inspiration for this project was thinking about how small scale entrepreneurs and artists track the various things that are involved with their work. I spoke to artists and designers and I also searched for existing products of this sort. I found many options that were geared towards commercial artists, collectors, and galleries. These options often seemed cost prohibitive to some one working on a smaller scale. This is what motivated me to create Studio Keeper.

I had many interesting learning opportunities come up while working on this project. Many involved getting more familiar with how to manage data and relationships in PostgreSQL and then querying effectively. Another piece of this project that I found really interesting was learning about image uploading. I learned about creating the form data object, and how to then send that to a storage location while sending other metadata to a location in the database. In this process I learned about using the NPM package Multer and then learned how to use AWS S3 to store the persistent data. Some of my planning documents may be seen here.

Stack: React, Node, Postgres, AWS S3
(Express, Knex, Mocha)

Galaxy Quiz

Galaxy Quiz App Home Quiz App Question Example Quiz App Solution Example Quiz App Final Score
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The Galaxy Quiz is a quiz application built using React. This project was originally built using vanilla JavaScript and jQuery, however, after learning React, I thought I would rebuild this project using those new skills.

There were some valuable learning opportunities in doing this, including learning about working with deeply nested state. The stretch goal in this project was the tracker at the top which shows purple if the question was answered correctly and red if the question was answered incorrectly. Some of my planning documents may be seen here.

Stack: React, HMTL, CSS


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